FAQs | LED Candle Luminara Official Site

Q.My flame is flashing rapidly, what is wrong with my candle?
A.There is nothing wrong with your candle; the rapid flicker is an indicator that your battery life is coming to an end.
Q.My flame won’t flicker like the video shows it should. What can I do?
A.Occasionally during the shipping process, the internal mechanism responsible for the flicker effect is jostled. You may try briskly shaking the candle to release the pendulum responsible for this motion.
Q.Can I use my candles outdoors during windy conditions?
A.Yes! Our candles can tolerate wind and the flame will not go out. However, as with any electronic device, you should protect the candles from severe weather and rain conditions. Rain and water may harm the circuit boards and such weather damage is not covered under warranty.
Q.What is the candle shell made of?
A.The shell is composed of high quality wax. As there is no burning wick, no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) or other potentially harmful toxins are emitted. This makes our candles a perfect solution for both the environment and those with respiratory concerns.
Q.How long is the battery life supposed to be?
A.~500 hours. We have noticed that using rechargeable batteries will decrease the battery life you get out of the candle. This is because rechargeable batteries do not hold as good of a charge like standard D batteries do.